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Mr. Brian Churchman
E-mail: | From Country: Canada
Subject: Chhay number 60

We had been travelling for over two weeks and I mentioned to our guide from Indochina Odyssey Tours that I was interested in a message. He booked me in to the massage place and dropped me off. I was booked to get a male . Chhay meet me and took me to a very clean private room. Chhay took the time to find out where my aches and pains where. He massaged them with varying degrees of strength. He made sure I was satisfied . He was a lovely guy. He asked me to come back the next day. Which I did, I returned 4 times. Chhay was a lovely guy and put a lot of energy into giving a great massage. At a very reasonable price . This guy and place helped greatly with my enjoyment of my trip to Cambodia .

Mr. Imaksspoono
E-mail: | From Country: Cambodia
Subject: transvaginal mesh

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Mr. 4n3fz
E-mail: | From Country:
Subject: ????? ???

watch was simply too easy in the past, these days it\'s close to impossible ????? ???

Ms. Fey Sokhim
E-mail: | From Country: Cambodia
Subject: Great and Comfort Massage Places

Wonderful from start to finish, everything is so beautiful, clean and fantastic. One of the most memorable and brilliant massages I have ever had and I have had lots! Recommend this to others, pity I found it on the last night.


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